What is this?

An online 90 day Artist < Artpreneur Online Group Launch Strategy Program that ends with a celebratory in person $elf Love Spa Retreat in da 305 (Miami, FL obvi!) Women of Color Photographers and Painters are especially welcome!

Dates: August 12 - November 10, 2019

Olivia Feldman_Headshot.jpg

Meet my client, Olivia Feldman, Fine Art Photographer

Within the couple months I’ve been working with Michelle, I’ve booked over $16,000 worth of shoots…

Hey babe! Are you…

A talented photographer, painter, or a painter AND photographer who is altruistic,  productive, and loved by many, wanting to get paid to do what you love? But you find yourself separating your “commercial work” to make $ and hiding your fine art paintings and photographs thinking THOSE originals won’t sell?

Afraid of “selling out”?

A woman artist who displays your work online on IG + have a great following with raving fans, but your followers are not buying?

A woman painter and/or photographer who has shown your work a lot thanks to the artist run spaces you depend on to promote your work to the SAME art world clique audiences, but you never *ACTUALLY* sell the work you display (for free btw) while you are hustling your ass off working 3+ gigs or in a full time job that is not aligned?

A woman painter and/or photographer who is dependent on grants (or a partner) to pursue passion projects you do not get paid for, while you most likely work a non profit arts job or as an adjunct teaching for very little pay?

Exhausted and just wanna chill in Miami with other Women Artpreneurs and an art biz coach like myself at The Standard Hotel & Spa November 9 - 10, 2019?

Well then, mark your calendar. And Welcome! You came to the right place. 

I get it gurl. I too used to be like that...wearing many hats in the arts for the past 10+ years doing anything for clout… trying to get that grant, or curate that next show while literally being *THAT* STARVING ARTIST….

Until I had a panic attack that changed my altruistic and unworthy, ways forever.

That’s when I had to finally put my own oxygen mask first before continuing to showcase my talents via passion projects and artist run shows while over drafting my bank account every week.


I hit rock bottom and moved back home to Miami, FL. I went to the beach, looked through my entire career, found my golden thread…and met my higher self.

That’s when I started the first arts event planning company dedicated to curating art exhibits for weddings. I sold my first art exhibition for over $10k with NO business training, well....cuz art school doesn’t want you to have a bigger pool! #majorkeyalert 


But seriously, art skool doesn’t prep artists for a truly sustainable and independent arts practice where you are not emotionally and financially dependent on museums, galleries, and grants that are not guaranteed to fund your next ego-driven social practice project (aka the arts non profit industrial complex). 

After starting my company and not having the guidance or emotional capacity & intelligence to continue growing, I hired my first life, love, and business coach who changed my life!

Since then, I have been a successful artpreneur who has invested more than $40,000 into coaches to scale my businesses, improve my money management skills, public speaking skills, writing skills, and personal EQ skills to break up with all forms of scarcity, abuse, and toxicity in my life in order to hit six figures in less than a year.


And guess what?

I am now giving you all of this knowledge through this online Mastermind for Women Painters & Women Photographers who want to be truly independent and THRIVE rather than survive.

This Mastermind is for Women identifying photographers and painters in the U.S who want to:

  1. Radically and honestly analyze what areas of life they are fulfilled and not so fulfilled

  2. Gain clarity on their purpose via finding their Golden Thread via a DIY google doc exercise that will be analyzed by an artist-curator-biz coach, aka yours truly!

  3. Meet their higher self

  4. Develop a simple yet purposeful, mission driven, dreamy and clear business plan that aligns with their emotional and lifestyle needs 

  5. Practice self love and self care by strengthening their EQ, adopt healthier money mindsets, and learn healthy habits for best Artpreneurial Practices to grow their business

  6. Create a lifetime network of like minded Women Artpreneurs

Shenequa Brooks_Headshot.jpg

Meet my client, Shenequa Brooks, “Painter” and Creative Coach

Working with Michelle has been a life-changing experience for the best because I went from being an Artist to an Artprenuer…. I hired her with a Master's degree under my belt, awarded the inaugural YoungArts Daniel Arsham Fellow, sold 2 out of 6 artworks at EXPO Chicago sponsored by YoungArts while working a 9-5 corporate job. I was just tired of not doing what I love full-time and getting paid for it…

What you will get:

  • Lifetime access to (6) 75 Minute Online Recorded Live Trainings:

    1. #1 Monday, Aug 12: Finding your Golden Thread & meeting your Higher Self

    2. #2 Monday, Aug 26: Intro to innovative business models/revenue streams for products, creative services, and experiences...and learn how to sell them

    3. #3 Monday, September 9: Who is this for?

    4. #4 Monday, September 23: How to attract your ideal clientele and sell to them

    5. #5 Monday, October 7: Launch Strategy: what it is and why it’s important

    6. #6 Monday, October 21: How to sustain an artpreneurial practice via healthy habits

  • (3) 90 minute Power Squad Calls with your like minded accountability partners (mini group calls to track progress and ask questions during my office hours)


PLUS, a retreat…

at my favorite spa and hotel in Miami Beach November 9-10:

1. One night hotel paid for (only for clients outside of South FL)

2. One spa day pass

3. Workshops by my clients so you can hear how they built their arts businesses:

-A workshop by acclaimed photographer Olivia Feldman who made $16k in sales with me

-A workshop on weaving your most supportive fans and collectors by Fine Artist & Creative Coach Shenequa Brooks

*BONUS* workshop: $elf Love & $elf Pleasure workshop by my healer Michelle Alva

4. A chance to present your new arts business to your cohort

5. A Higher Self Photographic Portrait by acclaimed fellow Woman Artist Celia D. Luna

Oh, and it doesn’t end there…you will also get:

Lifetime access to an online support group:

  • Featuring your cohort (aka lifetime friends aka expanders) who are on the same Artist < Artpreneur journey as you.

  • General access to Michelle’s past clients

  • Access to Michelle’s tips, conversation starters, and general inspirational resources


Does this seem like the right fit for you?

Book a free discovery call ^ and allow me to hold space for you, to see where you are in your journey from Artist < Artpreneur, and see if this program is right for you! 

Registration ends Friday, August 9.