5 events every Womxn Artpreneur should attend during Miami Art Week 2018

Why Womxn?

Before I get into Art Basel/Miami Art Week...You are probably wondering why I use the terms Womxn, Feminine Identifying, or Femme to describe the kind of artists I coach when they want to launch their own arts businesses. Here is why:

  1. Women are not the by-product of Men.

  2. While many feminists use the term Womyn to address point 1, the x allows space for those who identify as gender fluid, non-conforming, non-binary, or trans.

  3. I also work with those who fall all on the queer spectrum: Femmes (usually referring to feminine queer people) as well as Gay men who may lean more towards feminine identifying.  

It’s time we tap into that feminine divine energy that is finally taking over the entrepreneurial world as we learn to get rid of this idea that Business is traditionally masculine/logical/aggressive/sleezy.

Last year’s Art Basel adventures!

Last year’s Art Basel adventures!

In fact, the best arts businesses are the ones that are truly aligned with your heart, the kind of businesses that heal you, and therefore heal others through that art.

With that being said, I dedicate this guide to all the Feminist, independent, Womxn, Femme, & Feminine Identifying artists who want to connect with other like minded artists and who want to see strong kick ass Womxn doing what they love in the arts.

With fellow Artpreneur, Jen Stark 2 Art Basels ago!

With fellow Artpreneur, Jen Stark 2 Art Basels ago!

I hope you enjoy it, and I hope to meet you at one of these events so we can get your creative juices flowing so you can get paid to keep doing what you are doing next year! Repeat after me: no more labor of love projects honey! And if I do not see you, follow my #artisttoartpreneur Basel adventures on IG stories.


5 events every Womxn Artpreneur should see during Miami Art Week 2018:



1. Judy Chicago at the ICA (On View Dec 4 - April 21, 2019)

You can start your Miami Art Week with the opening night for Judy Chicago! ‘NUFF said!

And if you wanna see her in action, check her out on Saturday afternoon, Dec 8 2:30pm at Miami Art Week: Judy Chicago Conversation at Art Basel Miami Beach

Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 7.54.33 AM.png

2. After seeing some feminist art at the ICA, I will have some cocktails and meet Miami’s top Womxn Artpreneurs at La pARTy: An Art Basel Celebration of Women @ X Miami before 11pm for their special surprise. Feels good to know my ticket will help support a women owned business or entrepreneur with a passion for social causes and impacting her community here in Miami while enjoying some live DJ sets by female DJs! :twerks:


3. Catch me at RAW Pop Up Thursday evening to see an abandoned department store come back to life! I am especially excited to see fellow #artisttoartpreneur, Amanda Madrigal who will be showcasing an immersive art installation done in collaboration with Jovan Villalba. Time to play! (And buy one of her wearable friends)!

Afterwards, I will hit up RC Cola Plant to hear Flying Lotus, live! That will defintely take my back to my art school days….



4. Fringe Projects Walking Tour, 10am - 1pm

Excited to see a bunch of Womxn Artists leading this event! Fringe Projects presents a walking tour with the Fringe Projects team & artist Tschabalala Self of her site-specific installation in Downtown Miami as well as new works by Miami-based artist, Antonia Wright, and New Mexico-based artist, Keith Allyn Spencer. The tour will be followed by a studio visit with commissioned artist Antonia Wright (+ mangoes and mimosas)!.


*Update: I will go to Untitled on Sat Dec 8 instead!

5. Untitled

Out of ALL the fairs out there, the one I highly recommend is my fav: Untitled! And I agree with Hyperallergic’s review of Untitled 2017: “Untitled does address the strange and painful quality of the world we’re inhabiting.”

Highly Recommend:

  • Girls Club gallery booth

  • Dec 7, 1-2pm Schwanda Roundtree, Jamae Richmond-Edwards, Theresa Chromati in conversation with Bmore Art

Tips for Miami Art Week:

Listen to your heart.

Not your ego.

The Feelz:

  • There are too many events to attend while you are scrolling through IG feeling major #FOMO because you missed out on that party, seeing that art exhibit or that cool art installation your friends are taking selfies in front of.

  • You aren’t sure who to hang out with! And a buncha people are texting you pulling you left and right with pressure to hang out.

  • It’s the end of the year…Basel reminds you of how quickly time flies, perhaps looking back thinking “I shoulda done this or that. (Trust the journey)

Let’s admit it. This time of year brings anxiety. Which is why I only included 5 events above - you do NOT have to do it all.

Don’t forget to:

  1. Drink water, lots of water. I swear, I have gotten dizzy going to 4 back to back events looking at art.

  2. Pack some snackkkkzzz gurl, cuz u a snaccc ;)

  3. Make sure you go to the beach to reflect (or go to my favorite hotel - The Standard) for at least a day (it’s where I always go to relax and level up in my business).

  4. Do not let FOMO arise from scrolling thru Instagram or your ego’s need to seek validation in the art world.

  5. Hang out with people who nurture your future arts biz and make you feel SAFE (emotionally and physically/energy wise). Set boundaries.

  6. Do what brings you energy and makes you feel safe (avoid things that drain you or trigger you).

  7. Remember, listen to your heART.

-With love,

Your Launch Strategist for your Highest Self (the Art Basel version)

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