Artist < Artpreneur
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Artist < Artpreneur
Launching Womxn/Feminine identifying Artists into Artpreneurs, so they too can do what they love (and get paid for it).

Hi, my name is Michelle and I launch Womxn Artists into Artpreneurs, so they too can do what they love (and get paid for it).



I empower Womxn Artists to see the inherent value of their entire life & career journey by mapping out their past experiences and skills in order to resurface their core values. I then help them find their Golden Thread (that niche that ties all of their favorite experiences, skills, and core values together) in order to inform their business idea, business model, and multiple revenue streams to fulfill their lifestyle needs and desires.

In order to embrace new business strategies and a new money mindset, my clients learn to tap into their artist intuition, and reclaim their spirituality in order to stretch their comfort zone, and let go of the scarcity mindset/starving artist mentality. This requires boundary setting combined with shaking off old traditional art world “rules”, old narratives, and old relationships that no longer serve them so they can meet and become their Highest Self doing what they always dreamed of (and getting paid for it).

I encourage Womxn artists to listen to their heART by strengthening their emotional intelligence skills in order to understand how their art and creative service is their ultimate form of authentic self expression, their zone of genius, and their outlet for personal healing (oftentimes healing their ideal clients as well).

I train Womxn Artists on business and marketing strategies through innovative and profitable business models to ensure they attract ideal clients who value their art and creative services.


Your Launch Strategist for your Highest (and artsy AF) self




Artist < Artpreneur (1:1)

A 6 month Launch Strategy program to create a sustainable artist residency with at least 3 revenue streams, allowing you to do what you love as an Artist turned ARTpreneur.

Artpreneur < Coach (1:1)

A 6 month Launch Strategy program to turn the art that healed you into a sustainable business that heals others, allowing you to share your knowledge and do what you love at the same time (while getting paid for it)!

Upcoming Group Programs:

Group Programs Coming in 2020:

  • A group program made especially for Artist-Run Spaces who want to turn passion projects into profit

  • A group program for Artist-Curators of color


Dedicated to change.


By strengthening the confidence of Womxn identifying Artpreneurs, I am developing a healthier creative economy where Womxn Artists amplify their value so they can feel more aligned with their goals while getting paid to be their most authentic and creative self doing what they love, independently.


When Womxn Artists value themselves and claim their power without the need to seek external validation, they design their own creative empire to share their art in all of it’s diverse forms. When this art is accessed beyond traditional arts presenting institutions like museums or art galleries, we create a more balanced and accessible arts economy that impacts and heals the world.  


Are you ready, willing, and able?

Are you tired of not knowing where your next revenue stream is coming from? Are you tired of wearing too many hats and spreading yourself too thin with low paying jobs, honorariums, and creative labor of love projects?

Are you ready, willing, and able to let go of that old scarcity mindset, that old artist self that only accepts crumbs and become the artist that doesn't seek permission to do the work you are meant to do in your lifetime?

If so, I will hold your hand every step of the way to make sure you create an aligned and sustainable creative business that is essentially the artist residency of your dreams.

If you can create that artwork you have imagined, you can create the lifestyle you have always imagined.


Book a Free Consultation

Let me hold space for you to gain clarity on your goals and provide you solutions so you too can do what you love (and get paid for it) through profitable business models for your art and creative services.